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What are the 5 Conflict Management Styles

What are the 5 Conflict Management Styles

Mar 7, 2013

Ever wonder about how many people fight? In this article we decided to break down a thing or two and let you know how most people tend take on or aviod fights. This applies to anywhere, your family, work place, you name the location it is there.

lets get this list started.

Conflict Resolution In The Work Place

Conflict Resolution In The Work Place

Mar 7, 2013

Cindy has been running her own business for years now. She had a few more thoughts she wanted to share on how to resolve a conflict. Take it away Cindy!

People’s conflict management styles tend to mesh over time, and to solve conflict a “right” way emerges.┬áIt is best to recognize when this style can be used effectively. Make sure that it is understood by all that different styles may suit different situations.

Look at the situation and figure out which style is appropriate. There are steps below that you can use to help resolve the conflict:

Dealing with Divorce – Moving House

Divorce is difficult, no matter what the circumstances. Even if you part on good terms, it isn’t just the actual divorce you have to deal with; it’s everything that goes with it.  One of the biggest headaches is how to divide the property and at least one of you is going to have to move house.

For some people, getting out of a house while a divorce is going through is imperative. For others, getting a divorce means they have to move, no matter what, because they think it is the right thing to do.  It doesn’t have to be like that though.

Be sure it’s really over

This may sound daft but, even though one of you has filed for divorce, it doesn’t mean that the marriage is truly over.  Think about trying other things first like counseling. Think about things you can do to keep the marriage alive.

While you are still living in the same house, you are still together and there is still a chance to turn things around. If one of you moves out that chance is gone for good and really, moving should be the absolute last thing to do.

That, of course, does depend on the circumstances of the divorce. If these are such that moving is the only way out, do it properly. Make sure everything that is in the house is listed formally. Only take what is actually yours (and you can prove it) and leave the rest to be divided by the court.

When you are ready to move, find a reputable company to help. You can get some great information on moving service costs here.

Rights to the property

Be very careful because moving out could signify that you have ended you rights to the house.  If you want the courts to award you the house or at least dived it fairly, moving out is not the way to go.

What about the kids?

Moving quickly is going to be an issue if you have kids.  Think about the children; sort out living arrangements before you up and vacate the premises. They need stability in their lives, especially during divorce and they won’t get that if you are flitting around looking for a house.

Get your new place ready

Do not move until you have somewhere else ready to go to. It’s no good moving on a while because you think it will be better. The courts will likely go against you for that decision and you don’t want to end up homeless, sleeping on other peoples couches until you find a new place.

Divorce is hard enough without the added worry of where you are going to live after wards. Try to sort it all out before and make sure you and your spouse discuss the property and its contents properly. Make sure you know what you are getting and come to an agreement about who is going to be moving out.  It may be that the house has to be sold or one party may choose to buy the other one out – if there are no children involved, try to come to an amicable agreement by yourselves. Then you begin to think about arranging a moving service like

Life After Divorce – Christmas With the Kids

I often find myself having to give advice to people who have divorced, especially on how to deal with Christmas if they have children.  Normally, the courts will sort out who has the children and when but if things weren’t too bad, you can make the arrangements yourself.

Being with your children after divorce can be the greatest thing on earth yet it can also be the toughest.  Things you used to do as a family are now split down the middle and you may not have the money you once had to make sure your child has a good Christmas.

It’s not about the money

The thing to realize is, it isn’t about the money as far as your kids are concerned. They want you to be happy and they want to spend time with you. Don’t be tempted to spend an absolute fortune that you don’t have just to try to make things better – it won’t work.

Be realistic about things – with yourself and your children – and a lot of disappointment can be avoided in the long run. Try to keep things calm – if you have a gripe with your ex-partner over the children, leave it for another time.

Do things together

The important thing is to remember the children – Christmas is for them, not you.  Make arrangements to do something together, rather than just sitting around at home, thinking about what was and what the future may or may not hold.

One of the things I recommend is that you take up a hobby that your children can get involved in. One of my favorites is radio-controlled helicopters. This type of hobby can generate a lot of fun and laughter between you and your children and that’s just what you all need.

If you think this is something you may want to do, have a look at the rc helicopter reviews on this website.  They also have some great ideas on the best remote control helicopters for kids along with tips on how to get started.

The main thing is this – have fun and spend quality time with your kids after divorce. Make every second count.

Winning a Case Against Employer Negligence

In my many years as a divorce lawyer, you would think I have experienced all kinds of problems and conflicts. You would think, there will be no more new story to share because all possible scenarios have been played out. Well, that is what I thought too, until a recent case of mine gave a whole new light to my work.

As a divorce attorney, I do indeed focus on cases that involve, well, divorce. There are a lot of reasons for divorce but I am not dwelling on that because the case I am about to share is not a divorce case in its literal sense. See, I also handle conflicts in the workplace. You can say that I handle cases that involve the divorce of an employee from its employer or vice versa, depending on whether my client is the employee or the employer.

For this particular case, my client is the employee of a particular company in Toronto. The complaint was that his employer was neglecting his duties and responsibilities towards my client, the employee, by not conducting the annual status report on the facilities of the company building. This included the inspection of offices and facilities, from roof to floor.

My client proceeded with the complaint after he was involved in an accident in the office. The roof near his office caved in and collapse. He was inside the office but it was fortunate that he was already headed out when the collapse of the roof happened. He may have been lucky to be safe, but the emotional stress and psychological impressions of the event upon my client was enough to cause him to break down.

The employer tried to plea that what happened was inevitable and that it was the force of nature that caused it. However this defense was easily debunked because a company called Roofing Master was asked to examine the real cause of the collapse of the roof. As confirmed, the roof was already starting to go weak yet no action was done to prevent it from happening. The evaluation of the company made a very strong case for my client. Despite their involvement in the case, they were also the ones hired to fix the roof. They are the best in the business and they are named the experts in the field of Toronto roofing.

They are sought after not just because of their expert and experienced roofers, but also because they can cater to all types of roofing needs, may it be a repair, an adjustment, enhancement or even roof building itself, Roofing Master is able to work on it, faster and more efficient that all other roofing companies combined.

Now my client has succeeded in the case and his demands have been met by the employer. He is still out from work because he has to go through stress debriefing in order for him to get back on his feet and move on from the horrible experience.

It is not every day you could come across divorce cases like this one. It feels good to be able to help people for whatever reason they cry help for.

Avoiding Getting In Trouble With the Law, Hire A Legal Professional Roofer

There will come a time when you will need to get your roof fixed. And when that time comes, you may or may not have the budget for a professional repair. More often than not, you, and many others like you, will resolve to either doing the repairs yourself, or hire someone who’s not particularly an expert at it, but will settle for him because he has a very cheap fee. When you leave the job to someone who barely knows about fixing a roof, there is a chance that your house will be ruined; if you’re lucky the non-professional repair guy gets it right. Even though you are satisfied with the inexperienced roofer’s work, do you know that it is unlawful for anyone to hire someone without a license?

If, for example, you hired a non-licensed roofer and you recently got ripped off by the same person, and upon finding out the repair did more harm than good to your already damaged roof, you consult a professional help you sort out what the roofer did to your home, you might then be told off that you are violating the law for employing the person in the first place. Instead of getting back at the non-insured roofer you hired, you are likely going to be the one who gets in trouble with the law, since you made the mistake of hiring a non-professional, knowing full well that you were breaking the law. You facing such charges will only lead to more expenses. All that effort to hire someone cheap to do a job ends up in you shelling out more money.

To prevent yourself from getting into situations like that, you will really have to find a legitimate roofing company that has professional roofers to assist you in any of your roofing needs. Here are some tips on how to look for them.

Go online! This is perhaps the fastest way you can get in contact with someone that does roofing for a living. With a quick Google search, you will be able to find a list of websites and businesses that offer such services.

Ask your friends/family. Sometimes the power of the word of mouth method still works well. If your brother or cousin knows someone who can do the job, that would already be enough proof of the roofer’s dependability.

No one should underestimate the Yellow Pages, because they, just like the previous option, still apparently work. Make a few phone calls and do a quick interview of roofers that you feel comfortable working with, and get back to your chosen one at the end of the day.

If you are living around the area and in need of quality services, seek the aid of a Toronto roofing company. Avoid having to face lawyers with suits and complaints and start doing the legal thing; consider one or do three of the options mentioned here, and then ultimately pick the company with the best services and the roofer who will work closely with you to finally get your roof fixed.

Startups and Affordable Office Space

The economy is recovering slowly, and a lot of people are back on their feet. New businesses are sprouting up. The number of startups are increasing. This is a good sign that the economy is back on track. Of course, the startups are smaller, with less of a budget. A lot of them are still working in the garage or in the kitchen. The good news is that these are run by people who have worked in a corporate environment, and would have a bigger chance of getting bigger soon. On the contrary, new startups by college students are big boom or fast crash affairs. Either they grow really big, like Facebook, or they fade like a whisper.

For a startup to grow big, there are some concerns which they have to address. These include the funding, the sales and marketing and then the offices. Having two guys working in the kitchen is fine. Having four guys in a garage is manageable. Having more than seven people requires offices. Even a home office can only accommodate up to ten people, at most. Then the pressure of having inadequate private space gets to be a drag.

For most people, they either end up renting a relatively large office, and they have to worry about the rent. Rent is a problem when you have no assurance of cash inflow. The practical alternative would be to rent mobile offices. This is not like shell companies in tax havens. This is not just a pigeonhole in the wall, an inbox for mail, and an answering service. These are real offices with shared common areas. If there is no need for large offices, or if the team can work in shared office facilities, this would be fine. There are a lot of choices, you can check for USA mobile offices, and there is an office which fits your budget.

One other thing about the home office is the sense of being in an office. It is in part psychological. When you are at home, you still feel at home, no matter if you’re in the office. Besides, you have to separate your work from your home. Otherwise, you would end up with 12 to 16 hour days. Practically every waking hour would be spent at your work, which is not healthy. Most divorces start there.

4 Tips to Solving Marital Conflict

4 Tips to Solving Marital Conflict

Jul 30, 2014

Marital conflict comes in many forms, whether it is a disagreement over how the children are got ready for school each day or about how the finances are dealt with. What is clear from my experience is that most of these conflicts can be resolved before they end in divorce. Unfortunately, some couples simply don’t know how to deal with conflict and things just get worse.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and problems should be dealt with, head on if necessary, in order to preserve that commitment. The problems arise when one party is a problem solver and the other prefers to bury their head in the sand.

I have come up with four ways for a couple to deal with marital conflict, avoiding the divorce courts if they can:

  • Marriage Should Be A Safe Place

Marriage should be a haven where both parties feel that they can talk about anything. If your partner wants to talk about something, never come back with put downs or lose your temper. It just undermines the building blocks of that safe place.

  • See Things From the Other Side

Try to see things from both sides not just your own. The only way you can deal with a situation is with all the facts at hand, not just half of them. Coins have two sides, without that they wouldn’t be complete and neither is a problem.

  • Listen

Learn to listen. Hear beyond what is being said not just the words.  Most conflicts consist of a defensive and an offensive position.  Make sure you know how to listen to what is being said before you go on the offence or defense – it could change your whole position

  • Admit When You Are Wrong

Some people see the ultimate prize as being the winner. They will stop at nothing to come out on top regardless of the damage that is done in the process. Learn to know when you are wrong and, more importantly, learn to admit it.  There is no shame in admitting you made a mistake and it can actually promote a more positive feeling within the marriage.  I know this sounds a bit corny but make sure you follow up your admission with flowers, especially if you are a man. Choose a professional company for flower delivery in Adelaide, and it will make all the difference.

How UNICEF Helps Children of War Refugees

How UNICEF Helps Children of War Refugees

Jul 30, 2014

Over the years, UNICEF has proven to be an effective arm of the United Nations especially in programs that deal with children and looking after their welfare. There are lots of programs that have been implemented with millions of children who have benefited from them. Until now, these programs are in place covering more children. Among the most important programs implemented by this organization is the Global Parent project.

The Recipients of Global Parent

Anyone can take part in this program. If you are committed in helping children, then you can be a global parent. You just have to promise donating a certain amount of money on a monthly basis to help those who are in need. Among the recipients of this program are children who are considered as war refugees. They are those who flee their country fearing for their lives and safety.

Being a war refugee is never easy. It is not just a physical challenge, but an emotional one as well. For children who have been affected by war, it will be a lifelong scar that will affect them. Therefore, they have to feel that the world is a better place to live after all. They need to realize that there are people out there who do not want to kill them. Instead, they are given the kind of help they deserve. By committing to this program, you can help UNICEF help these children. The amount of money that you donate each month will definitely go a long way.

Happiness is Priceless

Whether or not you receive a huge salary as long as you are committed to help these children, then you will do everything to stay true to your promise. After all, the happiness that you will give these children is priceless. For sure, they will remember your goodness forever. You might not have met them personally, but wherever they may be, you know that you have been a good parent to them.

If you are interested to know more about this organization and the programs that they have to reach out to children, you can check out the official UNICEF website here.

A Burning Question

A Burning Question

Jul 27, 2014

Now, you wouldn’t think a curling iron could be classed as a dangerous product would you.  Normally it isn’t, especially if it is used right but, just recently, the number of claims against salons for injuries caused by these devices has started to rise.  I haven’t had any cases myself but, just to be prepared, I thought I would do a little research into the matter.

Burning Smells

There have been a large number of women who claim that the curling irons their salon uses has caused their hair to burn.  This is perfectly possible but only under three circumstances:

  1. The equipment was faulty
  2. The handler was inexperienced or got distracted
  3. The equipment used was cheap and substandard

As a lawyer, it would be my job to figure out which one of these reasons caused the injury – not an easy job I can tell you!  Out of interest, I checked out the equipment that a number of salons were using and I was quite surprised to find that many are using the cheapest irons they can get their hands on while charging the client top dollar.  A word of advice to any salon that is reading this – check out these reviews of the best curling iron and get your equipment updated – court cases are expensive compared to the cost of buying decent equipment.

Do It Yourself

If the equipment the salon uses is faulty then they and you have a claim against the manufacturers. Often, the salon will offer you a full refund and will go some way to putting your hair right free of charge. Unless the burn is serious, in effect, if you accept their offer that ends any claim you may have against the salon.

The cheapest option – and the safest if you know how to use them – is to do it yourself. Purchase your own curling wand. That way, if any problems arise you have a claim directly against the manufacturer of the product if it is faulty in any way.

The best way to avoid all the hassle of court cases and clams against people is to buy decent equipment in the first place.  This website has some great information on the best curling wand to buy, leaving you assured that you are purchasing quality equipment.

The Problem of Standing Too Long at Work

The Problem of Standing Too Long at Work

Jul 25, 2014

Prolonged hours of standing have long been an issue in the workplace. This method or system, most commonly practiced in factory settings, boomed during the Industrial Revolution. Factories have long required their workers to stand for faster production. In the United Kingdom, this practice had caused severe health problems to workers during the World War I. This sparked lobbyists to push for more seats for jobs that can be conducted while sitting.

Who Are Most Affected?

This problem is most common for assembly line workers, retail store employees, waiting staff, teachers, security workers, healthcare practitioners, flight attendants, and others. Most of the affected employees work in lower-paying jobs. In the UK alone, more than 11 million UK workers are at risk of illnesses caused by prolonged standing.

What are the Health Implications?

Standing for too long primarily impacts lower limbs, muscles, and blood vessels. It puts tremendous pressure on hip, knee, and ankle joints that may cause chronic injury. This pressure may cause feet deformations like flat feet and heel spurs. Patients also experience more severe back pain than those who do not experience prolonged standing.

Those who are affected often complain of symptoms such as swelling feet, aching muscles, tiredness, and discomfort. They may even develop varicose and spider veins. These conditions are caused by weakened blood vessels due to too much pressure. Weakened blood vessels can’t pump blood back up to the heart so blood stays in the vessels, causing them to twist and swell.

Unsightly veins can be a huge problem especially for women since they are the ones most affected by it. The increasing number of patients led to an increase in the clinics offering treatments. One such clinic is Soffer Health Institute which offers spider vein treatment in Miami. Another clinic performs sclerotherapy, the best spider vein treatment in Trenton.

But perhaps the most serious health effect of standing too long is the worsening of a pre-existing coronary heart disease.

What is the Solution?

Contrary to popular belief, constant sitting is not the answer to this problem. In fact, studies have shown that prolonged sitting in an office negatively affects health, too. The safest solution, therefore, is to avoid staying in one working position throughout the shift. Instead, workers should stand, sit, move around, and even lie down once in a while. Tasks should be altered and be more varied to avoid other musculoskeletal problems (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome).

Working desks should also be adjustable in height so that workers can change postures and relax their body a bit if they feel muscle tensions. Chairs should also be adjustable, movable, and comfortable. Employers should also provide more flexible and timely rest breaks.

Providing these options for employees are the latter’s right and not a privilege. Unions can push for these reforms, and if the employers do not comply, they can take it to court. Every country has a specific law with provisions for workplace hazards. In the United States, rights of employees are covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act. 

Dealing with Debt and Divorce

Dealing with Debt and Divorce

Jul 21, 2014

Divorce is one of the most stressful situations on earth, made even worse by the addition of debt.  Debt is something that cannot be passed off onto the other party and, while the agreement in a divorce may dictate which party is responsible for paying it, it doesn’t have any say in whose credit score is on the line.

Divorce Doesn’t Change Debt

So many people believe that a divorce will have an effect on debt, especially loans taken together. The courts may order one party to pay the debt but that does not change the ownership f=of the debt, at least, not where the lender is concerned.

As a rule, joint personal loans require the credit scores of both parties. If one partner has a not so good score, some lenders require a joint loan as security. In the eyes of the lender, that makes both people responsible.

In that situation, in the event of divorce, the lenders will report defaults on both parties, not just the one whom the court has made responsible for payment.

Take this example – a woman is charged by the court to pay off a joint personal loan.  If she defaults, her ex-husband’s credit score will be affected as well. He may want to consider taking on the loan repayments himself to save his own credit score.

Change in Personal Details Means Nothing

There are those who think that, if they change their name and move, they will be exempt from paying off their debts. This doesn’t work. Lenders will still go after both parties, regardless of any changes to personal information.

The easiest way to sort out any issues is keep in constant contact with the personal loan lender. Keep them informed of all changes to circumstances as they arise, not when it’s too late.  To repair any issues with poor credit, each party should pay off their loans and establish credit in their own personal names.

I see many divorce cases where debt is one of the main problems and the only advice I can give is to keep up the repayments – both parties – until the debt is satisfied. If necessary, even if you are not the party charged by the court to pay the debt, to protect your own name, it may be best to make the repayments yourself.