Hi! I’m Ted Williams. I’m the guy who is took over this site and deiced to change the name to Conflict Resolution Network 2.0.   The reason for this is I personally believe their is a lot issues that need to be addressed besides person to person or company to company conflicts.

I hope to bring to light the many different conflicts of the world. For example their are many different ideas about how we should address environmental issues or is the US government bailing out its banks a good or bad thing?



If you are wondering about my background, I am a lawyer from Canada who specializes in divorce. As you may of guessed, over the past 5 years I have become a pro at resolving issues between to couples that have grown to hate one another.  My theory is that if I can help two people fix issues in such a emotional state, I just might be able to help settle other issues out there.

Our goal is by organizing a group of bloggers we can truly make a difference. Though our collective reach, if we are lucky, perhaps we can actually solve a problem or two.

If you believe in this cause, feel free to contact me on
Google+ to guest post or to help better utilize our collective resources.